Modular spaces for multiple purposes.

Conference rooms.

Floor-to-ceiling windows. With or without terrace on to the green inner courtyard. Extended interval area in adjacent lounge. Carpeting to absorb sound.

  • 88 m2

    Total space

  • 70


  • 40


  • 36


  • 28


  • High-end


  • Daylight

    can be darkened

  • Barrier free

    and inclusive

  • Ventilation

    safe & fresh

  • Sustainable


Four rooms - square, practical, good.

Our four conference rooms looking out on to our quiet inner courtyard are perfect places for thinking, working and learning. Identical on paper, they differ in just one detail: the rooms on the third floor offer a small terrace. And if you need something bigger, we can always recommend our combination of Atrium III+IV.

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